Big Sky Studios on-location demo package is an all-inclusive session at your rehearsal facility.  An engineer will bring a high-end recording rig to your practice to track, then into our studio for mixing, editing and mastering.


Package A:

Package B:

  • 16 track digital recording
  • 3 songs
  • Vox and lead overdubs
  • 3 hours in-studio mixing
  • Editing/mastering
  • 4 CD copies
  • 8 track digital recording
  • 3 songs
  • Vox overdubs
  • 2 hours in-studio mixing
  • Editing/mastering
  • 2 CD copies



Our Big Sky remote package uses the same high end gear from our studio to capture your tracks on location.  This is the ideal recording situation for groups on a budget that need an EP or demo with all the quality of a full production facility.